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We can help design your custom flyer using proven techniques to help you grow your business. We will then mail them to your target demographic in the city of your choice. Get noticed, and build your business!

Real Estate Solutions

Calling all real estate sales representatives and brokers. We know what you need and what works. Our agents average 6 deals off of our flyer systems. Our current lowest performing agent has made $500k last year. Pretty impressive considering we are not telling you about our best. FYI… Our marketing director has taken your Real estate courses. We know more than you think.

All Industries

It doesn’t matter what you do, our experts will help you advertise to your potential new clients. We have done flyers for Real Estate Agents, Dentists, Clubs, Events, Charities, Fashion Shows, Mechanics, Mortgage Brokers, Restaurants, Tech companies, Construction Companies, Retailers, and more!

Custom Design That Works

We will work with you to design a flyer that works best for your business based on proven marketing tactics.

High Quality Print

We will print your flyer on a thick card stock and finish it off with a high gloss finish. Other finishes also available.

Targetted Mail

We will then send your new professionally designed and printed flyers to your farming areas.
4″ x 6″
5″ x 7″
8.5″ x 5.5″ (most popular)
6.25″ x 11″
The most popular size for mail is the 8.5″ x 5.5″. It is the largest size we offer that is within the Canada Post Standard mail price group.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We have been using Duz Corp. marketing solutions for a while and have seen quite a return. Before Duz Corp. we were using a a Direct Marketing type company and noticed we had not generated a single lead on our marketing investment. Since the switch to Duz Corp we have received many leads and have converted those leads. Isa and his team make it easy for us, letting us know what we need to provide them, what our goals are, a little bit about our target market and they do the rest. In 2016 we ran 10 mail out campaigns costing us around $4000 in total, which in turn created a lot of leads, and provided us with a positive ROI averaging a revenue of $12,900 per campaign. That’s a return of 3225%!

For me… The Numbers Say It All!

Linda Marchese Ragona

Co-Broker Owner, RE/MAX West Ragona Sisters Realty

“Isa is my GO TO GUY for all of my promotional and Marketing Items for both of my businesses. Isa is a HUGE asset to my businesse’s because he fills a gap that I am unable to fill and that is creativity. All I have to do is give him an inkling of what it is that I am looking for and an hour later I have an email with an amazing design proposition which is usually just what I was looking for. He has designed my logo’s, business cards, flyers, clothing, promotional items and much more. The quality of his products are superior and I often get compliments on either the designs or the quality of the various items that I distribute. Thank you for being a key component of my business Isa and I HIGHLY recommend that others utilize your services!!!”
Frank Riga

Owner, Greater Toronto Asphalt Repair

“Incredible service and quality products. Would absolutely recommend working with this team. They were efficient, organized, and beyond helpful. I was not sure of the specific option I wanted, and they (specifically Isa) made it so easy for me to choose with a document listing different options and pricing. Fantastic! Thank-You King of Promos!” Stefanie Occhionero

Sales and Marketing Manager, Best Western

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does graphic design cost?
Our Graphic design services are $80 for the first hour followed by $40 for every hour after that. The majority of designers in our quality range usually cost from $75 to $110 an hour. Best part of our services is that our designers are fairly quick. Most designs are finished in the 1-3 hour range. By emailing us the majority of what needs to be written on the flyer, you have already shaved 2 hours of work.
What if I don't like the initial design?
Nobody works for free, so you will be charged for additional hours. We have not had a client hate a design. But… There may be a situation in the future where this may arise… We are more than willing to work with our clients to rectify the situation and ensure you are happy. If you are picky, we recommend you provide us the look you want to see, and we mimic the design to the best of our abilities. Just remember, we do this on a regular basis to give you a return on investment… Our main goal is to make you money! If you go off that path and do your own thing you may not be allowing us to make you money. But the customer is always right! Do whatever you want! lol.
What if I have my own designer?

WOOHOO! Less work for us. Just make sure they prepare the files with the following things in mind:

We want a high quality 300dpi PDF file.
It must be designed in CMYK not RGB.
We want each side in a separate PDF file labeled Front.pdf and Back.pdf.
All sides of the design need to have a 0.125″ bleed, so the final file size should be 0.25″ taller and wider than the finished print.
All text (TYPE) must have outlines created just in case we don’t have the font (if the file being sent is raw)
All files must be compatible (legacy) with CS5 or CS6 adobe system. (for now)

If you need us to make sure the files are print ready through us, it is an additional cost of $25 to check. If we don’t check and the file goes to print we are not responsible for any designer errors that make the end product look weird.

Can I only use you guys for the print and mail?

Of course. Send us the files, print ready and it will go straight to print.
We are not responsible for any errors your designer causes on the end product.
Checking for errors before print is $25, fixing errors are up to your designer. You will still need to pay for prints even if you don’t like them.

This method will not allow you to take advantage of our marketing capabilities.

How do I get my flyers?
We can ship them to you via UPS or you can pick it up from us at our Vaughan location. We can also deliver to you if you are close enough to our warehouse in Mississauga between it and our office in Vaughan. If you are letting us do a targeted campaign for you, then we will be delivering the flyers to the local Canada Post. You will be charged by us for the charges incurred by Canada Post. Little hint… We will save you money compared to if you went to Canada Post on your own. We can do this because of the large quantities of shipping/mailing we do.
What happens if I want to make a change while the cards are in production?
You are out of luck… Once production has started, changes are impossible to make. We have already made the plates for your flyer, or we have already printed them, or even cut them. Depending on where we are in production we most likely won’t be able to stop the run, or its pretty much too late. We can do a re-run for you at a better price, but then your paying for 2 runs. Moral of the story is, don’t approve a design until you are 100% sure they are ready to print.
My flyers did not come out to the exact same colour as the design I approved.

Colour is an impossible thing to match across multiple platforms and mediums. How you see a file on your computer may be different from how we see it, or your friends see it, or how it prints. There are a lot of factors that play in the role of changing colours. Paper stock, temperature, and even monitor settings can change the colour of a print.

We can ensure you get the exact same colour you want everytime using something called pantones. The only thing with using pantone inks is that its an additional cost, and its not cheap. As much as we believe branding is very important, and the colours of your brand should be respected, you have to sometimes ask… would I be willing to spend $250- $300 just for a specific colour? If the answer is yes… Pantones it is. But… Just so you know,you can get 300 branded pens for that price.

How does your quality compare to others?
Our quality is as good as it gets. We do not produce low quality products as some other online print services. Why does this matter you ask? Everything you do, from your business cards, to pens, to hats, and even post cards, will reflect on who your are and how your business is. If you are distributing lower quality products, potential client first impression of you is that you cut corners, your cheap, or your business is not doing well and your desperate for business. We don’t want our clients to give that impression to others. We want you to put your best foot forward and respect your brand and business.
Do people get results? What should I expect?

Of course they get results. How fast you see results depends on things like quantity you do, how often you run a campaign, if your designs help target properly, and how much is your service needed in your specific market area. We help as much as we can to make sure people contact you from your campaigns, its up to you to convert them into sales. We have proven strategies that work! Obviously results may vary… (but that’s common sense and a disclaimer everyone has to say) Here are a couple of case studies of clients in our past.

Realtor #1 did 4 campaigns of 1000 post cards each, using our ideas and made $40K so far. This is expected to rise as this just happened and we are beginning to set him up in his farm area as the go to agent. His area has a lot of agents, so competition is fierce… But he has us…
Realtor #2 did 6 campaigns last year, each 2500 in quantity and has generated a whopping $192,000 from just the post cards from us. The reason this has happened is because she gave us full reigns over her advertising and let us do whatever we wanted. We made sure that we sent out flyers that were catered for every person in the area no matter their situation. Proper targeting works! Not those generic monthly or bi-monthly marketing systems that are always the same.
Hair Salon #1 is located in Brampton Ontario, and had hired some new hair stylists. To make sure they didn’t lose money over the wages they called us to help run a campaign for them. They have seen an increase in there clientele by 750%. This is achievable, but everyone’s market is different. Obviously, individual results may vary… Some will do better than this, and some will not.
Individual results may be different… Duh…

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