Our large collection of items from over 3000 different manufacturers is now officially open. Choose from anything and everything you can come up with. All of these items have varying production times, so please make sure you choose one that will make it to your event on time. These items are available for all of North America. Pricing may be in American or in Canadian dollars. There is a flag in the price list to spot the different currency.

If you have an idea or theme, you can search for it through the advanced search system that is required for this site considering the number of available items.

We are willing to do the search for you, all you have to do is call us, and give us some information about your company, your target demographic and budget, we will present you with some popular options. Contact us at 416-937-7942 today!

Check out the site at www.leadingpromos.com or at www.allpromoshop.com (they both go to the same place… don’t try them both expecting something different…)