The Basics

– Educate – Provide – Grow –

Our Goal

Our main purpose for existence is to generate enough revenue to pay our employees, that’s why every business exists. Our main goal after taking care of our own is to take care of everyone else. Providing small businesses, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and large corporations with top quality services at prices that make sense. We also like to educate our clients and keep them informed through the process. We know how hard it can be in the business realm, and that is why we are here to make your marketing, relationship building, branding, and corporate gift giving a smooth stress free activity. Basically, we will pull our hair out for you while you have a beer. Cheers!

Your Privacy

When it comes to intellectual property, our designs, or anything to do with our business with you, we keep it all tight lipped. Any design we do for you will not be shared with others, we will not make a 2template out of it to sell to others, and we will not use your files, or portions of for anyone else but you. From time to time we do get requests by clients to make something similar to a print ad they saw in the mall or something they found online, if this happens to be your design, we will not open your files, we will make something from scratch with that other client ensuring it will not be identical. If we want to use something we made of yours in our portfolio, we will ask for your permission.

Our Ethics

One of the most important things to us is that when we go to bed at night, we can put our heads on our pillows knowing that we have nothing to worry about. We want our clients to have that feeling too. We accomplish this by basing our business model around a few basic characteristics. Transparency, Honesty, Loyalty, and a Customer First Attitude. We like to build relationships with our clients based on trust and communication. If something goes wrong, we will inform you as soon as we know, for example: Your flyers and other brand material were on there way to your office and they were attacked by a flock of flying gorilla birds of prey and the driver is missing and so is your stuff, or a printer breaks down, or even a cutting machine. Oh… and we like to have some fun. Even business sucks if you have to do it without a smile.


Our mobile business platform allows us to travel through many cities surrounding Toronto while still being able to cater to our clients in British Columbia, Quebec, and even the USA.
All locations are manufacturing warehouses, with a possible front office coming to Vaughan.
Expect to see us in cities like Mississauga, Oakville, Markham, Brampton, Ajax, Vaughan, Halton Hills, and more.

Some More Of Our Great Clients


At prices that are more than competitive! Contact us for quotes.

A Message From The King Of Promos

The above picture is not up to date… Isa looks a lot more… wiser/older. He’s got some salt mixed in his pepper… hahaha

Hello Friends,

Whether you are a small business or a large business we want to ensure you are greeted and treated with respect at a level that makes you feel like family. We strive to ensure that our clients are not just another number, but rather friends, with a relationship built on trust, respect, loyalty, and most importantly, FUN. Life is too serious, so I find it is important to smile from time to time. Don’t get me wrong. We take our work very seriously, (a good example of this can be seen in this picture of me and how serious I am when it comes to fountains) and our deadlines are not a joke. I have built this company around fun having professionals with good attitudes and amazing work ethics.

Having worked with other companies, even some abroad, I know the frustrations of working with media based companies and outsourcing to save a dollar. It’s rough. That is why I have set up this business with the ability to cater to almost any budget. Basically, you choose two of these three options; Good, Fast, Cheap. However, if we feel that a project will not hit our standard in quality, we will reject the job. If we feel you will do better hiring someone else, we will inform you of that. Transparency and the truth is something that we believe everyone deserves. And we expect the same from our clients.

I Hope to see you around, have a great week, and much success in all your endeavours.

Kind Regards,

Isa Duzgeren

CEO and Operations Manager

One of our goals is to help those that need our help. We have thought up ideas that will bring a new stream of donations to charities and foundations. These projects will be self sustaining and governed by us at DUZ Corp. We hope that these new projects will be able to take care of them selves thus always being able to help send funds where they are needed with minimum requirements for continual donations.

If you are interested in helping us with one of our new systems let us now. We are currently looking to create an automated online print ordering system that provides better print prices than the big guys out there, better quality than the cheap guys out there, and provides 50% of all profits to charities.

  • Auto Print System With Heart (goal; $15,000) 33% 33%

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