All Events Photo Booth was launched to help us provide another service to our loyal corporate customers. What we found instead was an industry that was charging too much for what they were providing and were very limited on levels of customization. What we did was basically utilize our different technologies and knowledge from our different manufacturing and media production sectors to create a photo booth service that is not only at a great price point, but also allows for many levels of customization. We only hire the best representative to ensure the time spent with the booth for any of our patrons is time well spent, and well enjoyed. The booths are fitted with some of the best equipment and is not an eye sore.

What started as a corporate company turned into a way for us to help charities. As a big advocate to doing your part in this world, we decided to send it out to fundraisers where ever it was needed which lead to a -17,000 year for the photo booth… quite a large hit. But we could not help ourselves. We wanted to make a difference. We have now implemented special rates for fundraiser and creative marketing to ensure the photo booth goes to these events for free, but is not always a massive financial hit to us.

Why get into the photo booth industry at a retail level?

We did not want to do what the other guys were doing. My cousin had a photo booth and the attendant looked like he had not showered in weeks, and his demeanor was as if he did the photo booth as a part time job besides his full time job and did it for the money cause he had too. The photo booth set-up he had was very poor, looked like a box on top of a portable table with a camera sitting on top which he had to control. Definitely an eye sore at a wedding that was very elegant and very expensive… We wanted to change all that. What we provide is an experience that is fun and looks like it belongs. Our photo booth even has L.E.D. lights in the front panel which allow for color changes to match or come close to the color theme of the event. Our representatives do this for fun, they enjoy it. All of them come from either a promotions background, a modelling background, or some sort of sales background. They are fun and charismatic individuals. And every now and then, you will find the CEO of Duz Corp as one of the representatives, because it actually is a fun job. But… To tell you the truth… The main reason we entered the industry was because of my cousins photo booth company. What a sub par experience. He even told another person who was at the wedding that was considering to make his own photo booth, not to do it because “he had the industry on lock”. This person was the CEO of Duz Corp, who at the time had no interest in owning a photo both business. Then this person pretty much gave him a challenge he didn’t mind accepting. Especially considering he can offer it to our corporate clients and send them out to our favorite charities… Which is all of them. Almost.

To get some idea of how All Events Photo Booth is the best option when it comes to your event, take a look at the website,, or better yet. Call us directly and have a chat with us and learn why we are the best and why you should book All Events PhotoBooth for your next big event. 416-937-7942