Poverty is something everyone would agree, they wish did not exist. It’s something that reminds us just how much suffering their still is in our world. You would think, with the billions of dollars that the world spends on wars, or for the research and development of weapons, or even the amount of money spent on ridiculously useless fads we could have probably ended world hunger and poverty as a whole.

We want to make a difference, one person at a time, and hope this trend picks up speed.

Some believe that the homeless are homeless by choice, that they are disgusting, uneducated, drug users, alcoholics, littered with disease, or even little brats who would rather live on the streets than abide by the rules of their parents. We want to change this view and remind people that sometimes, all it takes is one small mistake in life, one horrible event in a persons life that can change their entire world. Some are homeless because of a divorce, a mental break down after a traumatic event where they were not lucky enough to have a support group like the rest of us may have. Some ran away from abusive homes, lost their jobs during a companies “restructuring plan”, or were victims that fell prey to a criminal force that they could not fight against. Some who have had their lives dramatically changed for the worse have turned to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of losing everything. To distract them from their new reality.

We want to bring them back! One person at a time.

The Plan
We want to go to known areas of where the poor are found, and search through the crowd for that one spirit that may be broken, but shows some hope. We want to reignite the flames, the drive for success. The need to be more, and then the need to give back. We want to choose one person and bring them back to becoming a “normal” member of society.

The How

To make this work, we are going to need to get a large group of people willing to invest a little bit of money to help us raise what we need to provide the following:
The training required to work with our company, and the training required to allow them to grow and lead the lives they have always wanted to by getting the education they need to pursue what they want to do.
A home, a phone, furniture, utilities, grooming, proper health care and dental care, internet access, food, a vehicle, car insurance, home insurance, clothing, a computer, toiletries, gas, cable, training, coaching, memberships, counseling, a bank account, and a job with pay. All of this for 1 year which should be enough time to bring them back to life, their life. After this time they will be on their own. Whether they choose to stay with our company or explore other avenues of employment. We will supply them with the information and support they need to be able to handle life decisions.

We would like to provide them with a proper opportunity to become more. While working for us, a portion of all sales will go towards the next person we are going to help. The chosen individual must consent to some strict guide lines to ensure the success of this project.

Duz Corp Back To Life Initiative

If you would like to help us. Please click here to contact us to learn more about this opportunity to change a life.

Sometimes, all someone needs is a little love, some support, and a little guidance. Lets set an example and make a difference.

Lets Get Them Working


We will be looking to start the process of curing homelessness late 2016 to 2017.