Choose your neighbour is a website we are testing to see if it is something we want to get into. This project will allow for real estate agents and independent home sellers to have access to a marketing tool which will help sell their home. We do no guarantee it will sell the home, there are many factors to that, but we will help by providing the following services. We will give you access to a professional real estate photographer who will take photo’s of your home. We will create a virtual tour for you which will also send you stats on how many times the tour has been viewed. We will also place your tour and home photo and some information on the website and will create flyers for your home which will inform your neighbors that it is for sale, and direct them to your virtual tour and homes information. This will get the word out that your home is for sale, and if the neighbours know anyone willing to move into the area to live close to them, or that want to be in the neighbourhood they will contact you.

Click here to go to the website.


Effective March 2015, Choose Your Neighbour services have been brought to a halt to concentrate on our other projects. We consider this project, something to consider in the future.