What is the purpose of Duz Have A Heart?

Duz have a heart is an initiative we have put forth using the strengths of Duz Corp and its manufacturing capabilities and business ties. The sole purpose of this initiative is to bring new streams of revenue to charities we know are actually making a difference and working towards helping those in need and the less fortunate. What we are not supporting are those charities that have hidden agenda’s (i.e. Military donations, pharmaceutical funding, or funding of illegal settlements or other illegal or inhumane projects) . We want to make a positive change in the world by supporting those that are out there day and night, making a positive impact in the life of someone less fortunate than us.

How is Duz Have A Heart generating new funds?

We create authentic Photo Frame Memorabilia (currently mostly hockey related), some autographed and do come with certificates of authenticity. These frames are auctioned off online and at locations for events for the charities we support, and also at store fronts or locations where sponsors or backers of the charities will allow our easels to go. The ballot box on the easel locks and the frames are attached to the easels. We print out a poster to go on the front of the easel explaining which charity we are supporting. Sometimes we have more than one auction going on with the same product, thus giving individuals more than one chance to win, and more than one chance to support their charity. The bonus for the charities, is that they receive donations from an additional stream and receive them from people who would normally have not donated but were willing to buy a high quality piece of framed memorabilia.

We are also looking into other avenues of revenue generation including, raffles, and sale of jewellery. We are currently only a two person show and would be grateful to hear new idea’s or even get some help into the sale of our frames, or getting our easels into retail locations.

Where does the money go?

The money collected is split into 3 portions. The first one being the cost of creating the frame. The second being a 25% cut of the full amount including production costs to the charity. And the rest to growing the Duz Have a Heart initiative. These percentages will change once Duz Have a Heart has grown to a self-sustaining size. Our goal is to have it grow large enough where we only have 2 cuts, one for the cost, and then 100% of the remaining amount to the charity. What is included in the growth of Duz Have A Heart initiative is basically an increase of purchases of easels to allow us to have more out in circulation at one time, and one other project we do not want to disclose until manufacturing of the project takes place. We currently are calling this project Project #2.

The website for the duz have a heart initiative is www.duzhaveaheart.com .