Compared to most ordinary business cards, these luxurious business cards are the gold standard of paper quality – at 32pt, everyone who receives one will experience a quality and weight like no other card.

These cards were designed to be the ultimate conversation starter. With that in mind,  a unique technology called Quadplex was born creating a very luxurious feel and look.

Quadplex compresses four layers of Mohawk Superfine paper together, including your choice of color in the center, creating an eye catching streak running through the fabric of every card. This is not something you see everyday. The chances of you finding a card like this is extremely rare.

Stand out from the rest of the industry with these phenomenal, and beautiful cards.

Dimensions: 3.30” x 2.16”
Dimensions with bleed: 3.46” x 2.32”
32pt thickness.
Full CMYK color designs accepted. (4/4)
Double sided.
Free business card holder included. (holds 50 cards)
No U.V. coating or other finishes available.
No special cuts or die cuts available.

If you have a business with many employees, we can design and implement all the different point of information without charging you with designing each card for each individual.

Contact us for a quote. Just ask for our LUX Business Cards!