Tiles and Home is a website where our friends can take advantage of great prices for Natural stone and other tile products. Our connection in Europe owns the quarries and the manufacturing factories to create these amazing products, and we bring them directly to you. Expect prices better than the big box stores. How do we know this? Because we sell to them. Save your money and buy directly from us.

Tiles and Home will also be looking to connect to corporate companies and provide employee pricing, and will be working with a wide range of affiliates to ensure Canadians are able to enjoy prices similar or better than our American counter parts.

How will tilesandhome.com work?

You will be able to contact us and meet us at one of our warehouse showrooms, but what you will not get is the ability to know what your tile will look like at your home. So what we offer is something totally different than the rest of the industry. You will take a look at our website for the tile types that you are interested in (understand colors maybe different online versus in person), a sales rep will come to your home and show you the tiles you are interested in, so you can compare it with your paint color, cabinets, or furniture. The cost of this service is $20, however, if you wish to purchase these tiles, the $20 will be returned to you, or discounted from the purchase price.

Please do visit www.tilesandhome.com for more information


Tiles and home is currently on hold. This project is something we don’t have the man power for. We will reconsider this venture in the future. Our connection to a large mnufacturer of Natural Stone Tiles is still well and healthy. If you require tiles, we may still be able to provide them to you at a discounted price, only if your company does business with Duz Corp. Some restrictions do apply. (Prices are better than competitive, $6 – $8 for back splashes that are regularly priced at big box stores for $10 – $15)