We have implemented an easier way for our clients to get their print jobs done and submit a request for a quote while submitting the file at the same time. We know you will be happy with your quote, and once you accept the job we will be able to start printing immediately. By submitting the file at the same time as getting a quote, we will be able to notify you if we are going to have to make any changes to your designs or file to make them printer friendly. Our going rate for such changes is still $40 an hour.

To do this, all you will have to do is click on the print link at the top of the website. You will find a form on this page where you will need to submit your information. If your web browser allows cookies, the next time you come to this form, your information will still be there, making it easier to complete the form the second time around.

If you are still confused, feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.